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We Provide Financial Solutions for Real Estate Investors Nationwide

Our Mission

Our aim is to help real estate investors find the best financing for their projects.


  • There is a housing crisis with limited supply, but inflation and high interest rates have created a stressful environment where developers are facing higher expenses and a risk-conscious pool of end buyers. Our goal is to do everything possible to be a part of the solution to help all real estate investors find capital at a price they can afford to complete their projects and increase housing supply.

  • At Mix Capital, we want to provide a mix of strong financing options for our real estate investor clients and always be in the mix to win their business.


Richard Weng

Jared is one of the hardest working professionals I have worked with. During a transaction, he was responsive which made a world of difference when getting our deal closed. Along with his responsiveness, he was also thorough and diligent - picking up on small details that were missed by others. Jared earns my highest recommendation.

Nate Lowy

Jared was always responsive and professional to me and my clients. He was quick to provide terms and get my transactions live. I could always rely on him to get my deals closed and solve any issues that came up during the process.

Daniel Taylor

Can't thank Jared enough for his professionalism and determination. As a broker with hundreds of deals and clients, attention to detail and passion to win are vital to the success of my business - and Jared was an incredible asset in making that happen.

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